Kamakshi Duvvuru is a designer and connector, born June 4, 1993 in Nellore, India.

When she was five years old, she moved with her family to Little Rock, Arkansas, home of familial strangers and thunderstorms.

As a child, she would make(believe) small worlds, with scraps under her desk and noise machines in her closet, about people huddled together to brave a storm.

She continued wondering about building and bonding as she grew older, and decided to explore human-computer interaction at Stanford University.

At the end of college, she found she was floating adrift amid structured paths, and dropped everything to trace her steps back to what makes her come alive.

It's simple: she wants to make small spaces for people in this bustling world--small enough to hear each other's stories and weather the storm.

So, you'll find her under her desk and in her closet, designing Buoy.